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                                                                                           -Joan StJohn-
My reading with Joan StJohn confirmed my suspicions that my daughters death was not a suicide. Joan brought up details that were overlooked by the police, and personal information about my daughter only known only to me.  

She offered messages from my daughter that help me find long sought after closure. There were no fuzzy answers to my questions, just real answers to my questions and wonderful information regarding the life lessons I came here to learn; strong on fact, short on preachy advice. 

I fully endorse Joan St.John as a genuine medium, and look forward to future readings with her. 

Dear Joan,
     I  would like to take the time to thank you for seeing me through difficult times, from the death of my mother, to my difficult job transitions and now the search and finding of my father. 

I know I call a lot, and you understand my budget and always help me financially . You are genuine and really care about my well being in life.

May the same blessings find you and your family,



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