Pets have needs, feelings and fears like we all do, but they cannot tell you where they hurt, why they do certain behaviors or where they came from before you rescued them and gave them a loving home.  Joan's ability to communicate psychically with animals has been a blessing to many who love and cherish their pets. 
​A past life reading is a method of deepening your understanding of your life and your relationships. When one is drawn to know about a past life it is usually due to an unresolved emotion or desire that has been held onto from a past life and is hampering progress in the present. Joan will take you on a journey to the past lives that are affecting you today, helping to release unwanted energy that no longer is needed for your soul journey.
Bring a bit of fun to your next event, with psychic readings for your guests.  Joan is available for both private and corporate event.  Whether it is a birthday party, fund raiser, grand opening, cocktail party or office event, readings are always a welcome additions to your party plans.
Contact Joan St. John at 734-222-8101 for details.
Buying a home may be the biggest and most lasting purchase you will ever make. Why go into it without all the knowledge you can possibly have? Joan offers a unique service, yet undeniably useful service with psychic home inspections. This “health check” for your home can help discover where possible problems are lurking, before you make your purchase.
Paranormal investigations should not be left in the hands of amateurs and the uninitiated. There are many types of entities that are active on this earth, not all concerned for your highest good.  If you are experiencing paranormal disturbances, contact Joan for help.
Call Joan at 1-800-ASK JOAN 
Joan works directly with law enforcement officials on crime cases. She never solicits victims of crime, or their families and never charges a fee for this work. Her only request is that law enforcement personnel do not publicize her involvement in the case. She does this work as a “give-back” to those who need help, believing no one should have to pay to find a missing child, or locate a murder victim.  
If you are in need of Joan’s services to assist in a crime investigation, please contact her at 1-800-ASK JOAN
Life after death not only exists, but spirit, ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon are a part of our everyday life. Joan utilizes her ability as a conscious and trance medium to communicate with those who have passed, helping individuals and families struggling with the loss of a loved one.
Life is filled with questions.  You have many concerns.  A psychic reading offers options and possibilities that may not be readily apparent to you.  Whether wanting to know about a new love, job, or interested in communicated with someone on the other side Joan will assist you.
A psychic reading with Joan is heartfelt and empowering.  The ability to approach the unique and individual needs of her clients’ make her a sought after psychic medium for clients worldwide.   The connection with loved ones on the other side is deeply emotional and comforting. 

Joan StJohn offers insight to manifest and achieve your goals by providing Spirit driven guidance and wisdom, respecting your free will and always encouraging you to listen to your inner voice. Joan enlightens you to the possibilities, empowers your decision making abilities, and helps you envision your future the way you desire it to be.

Get answers to your most pressing questions about Love, Money, Destiny, Health and more!


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