A reading is not merely a means to find out what may happen next, but as a way of giving insight to one's personal power and freedom of choice.  The future is a set of options. Joan feels it is important to assist others in becoming aware of the options around them and utilizing the power within themselves to make choices and decisions for their highest good.

Think of it as your road map, showing you the next point of interest, or various routes to take to arrive at new destinations. Joan's readings offer options and different perspectives that may not have been clear to you before, regarding issues you are facing.

A reading can also be verification for what your higher self is already telling you, but your conscious self is too busy doubting, to actually listen to!  It leads to self discovery and confirms what you already know subconsciously.    
Joan offers insight into your personal power by showing you where you are able to change things in your life to achieve your goals and dreams. She offers choices, but does not make them for you. She provides Spirit driven guidance and wisdom, respecting your free will, and always encourages you to listen to your own inner voice and heart, as you are responsible for the choices you make! ​

Her readings are conducted without the need for tarot or other divination tools. Joan is a clairvoyant and psychic medium. She tunes into higher energies, spirit guides, auras and the Akashic records to reveal your options.
"You have the ability to change your life.  
Use a reading to guide you and provide insight, 
to listen to your inner voice and higher wisdom!"

Life is filled with questions.  You have many concerns. A psychic reading offers options and possibilities that may not be readily apparent to you.  Whether wanting to know about a new love, job or interested in communicating with a deceased loved one, a reading can help!

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Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase. Readings are for entertainment & Inspirational Purposes Only.  24 hour notice is required to cancel an appointment. A fee will be assessed for no shows and appointments cancelled without 24 hour notice. 

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