Clients request pet readings for a variety of reasons. Some call Joan when they want to know why their pet's behavior has changed and what to do, to correct "bad" behavior.  

Others desire to know about their pet's life prior to their adoption. (particularly when the pet is a rescue animal). Sometimes animals have certain characteristics in their behavior due to their prior living situation, a reading helps you understand your pet, and what needs and desires your pet has, helping you make them more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Many times people question the timing of saying goodbye to their pet, and want to know if their beloved friend is in pain and ready to move on.

As a medical intuitive, pet owners come to me seeking assistance in finding out what is physically amiss with their pet.

Some desire to reach out to their pets who have passed away.

Then there are those who come out of curiosity and always leave the reading pleased and satisfied!

Pets have needs, feelings and fears, like we all do, but they cannot tell you when and where they hurt, why they do certain behaviors or where they came from before you rescued them and gave them a loving forever home.  Joan's ability to communicate psychically with animals has been a blessing to many who love and cherish their furry family members.
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