Have you ever lived before?
That is a question being asked for eons. The answer is based on the theory of reincarnation.

Reincarnation means the soul does not die with the body but rather moves onto another plane in the etheric world where after a period of time it is then reborn. The purpose being, to learn more lessons for spiritual evolvement. The belief is that the atiainment of spiritual perfection does not occur in one lifetime and requires many cycles of experimental learning back on earth. Each time we are born, we develop a new personality, but we are still the same soul. It is like changing your coat. We are born into different periods of history, cultures and even the opposite sex! All for the purpose of meeting new challenges with the explicit purpose of eventually achieving soul perfection.

Once perfected, the soul no longer needs to relive and moves onto a higher plane of existence. However, during the lives we live, many times we die without having resolved the lessons we came to learn, so we go back to relive the lesson and hopefully learn it this time. Sometimes it takes many lifetimes to learn one lesson! 
​During a past life reading Joan, will channel for you and assist you to retrieve information from your own unconscious mind regarding your past lives, and she will see these lives as she channels your past, offering insightful information regarding your previous incarnations and lessons you came to learn. Not all lives are full of challenges and lessons. Many times people return to help and guide others on their path. 

So sit back and watch quietly in your own mind's eye as Joan gently guides you back through the pages of time to discover....Who were you in past lives? Why did you choose those lifetimes? Where did the phobias you have today come from? What lessons did you come in to learn this lifetime? Who were your current friends, family and spouse in their past lives? How did you know your enemies? What is your soul's purpose?  

All these questions can be answered! Let Joan assist you!  


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