Whether frightened by an unwanted spiritual visitor, interested in checking out the ghostly residents before purchasing your home, or just curious to discover why a spirit is lingering around you. I can assist you with a Spirit Clearing. I have handled many different kinds of cases of the paranormal. Everything from the wayward spirit to the negative entity attempting to cause harm. My clients have come to appreciate my ability, as everyone wants their home to be safe and secure.

Whereas not all “hauntings” are caused by negative entities, some spirits stay in a familiar place and frequently repeat activities they did when alive. This may occur hundreds of years after death. Some are puzzled why others are living in their space, and move belongings that to them, are out of place. Others are bound by a desire to help loved ones, believing they cannot move on, as their loved ones need or miss them. They are merely limiting their vision to what they knew before they passed from the earthly plane and need help in order to move on. Then of course, are the negative ones. The stuff that movies are made of. These can be harmful both physically and psychologically.  As a psychic medium and paranormal investigator I am able to detach these entities from this plane and assist them in moving on;

Not only are homes haunted but people, places and items can have spirit attachments. 
Such as jewelry or furniture. I find this especially true of antique items, and once I have cleared them of the previous owners energy, they can be enjoyed without causing any further disturbances to the new owners.


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Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase. Readings are for entertainment & Inspirational Purposes Only.  24 hour notice is required to cancel an appointment. A fee will be assessed for no shows and appointments cancelled without 24 hour notice. 

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