Joan St. John partnering with International Ghost Hunter Robb Kaczor founding member of Other Side Paranormal Investigations, conduct paranormal investigations and have documented paranormal activity and released attached spirits for their clients worldwide.  

Whether frightened by an unwanted spiritual visitor, interested in checking out the ghostly residents before purchasing your home, or just curious to discover why a spirit is lingering around you.  Joan and Robb handle a variety of cases, from the wayward spirit to the negative entity attempting to cause harm.

A paranormal investigation is a method of documenting spirit activity using equipment such as voice recorders, still cameras, video, EMF monitors and other devices. "Ghost Hunting", has increased in popularity in recent years. Not all spirits cross over after death. Some stay becoming "earth bound". Some stay in a familiar place and perceive it as it was when they were alive. Many times they repeat activities they did when they were alive. This may occur hundreds of years after death. Sometimes they do not realize they have died. They perceive they are still at home, puzzled why their family won't speak to them. They are limiting their vision to what they knew before they passed from the earthly plane.  Others are bound by desire to help loved ones, believing they cannot move on, as their loved ones need or miss them.
​There are many infamous haunted places around the world. Spirits can be perceived as subtle as a sudden cold spot, create a sense of uneasiness, or as intense as a full manifestation of an entity. People often can sense their deceased loved ones, sometimes by smell, as in a waft of cologne or cigar smoke. Sometimes the living will even hear their name being called.  

Not only are homes haunted but people, places and things can have spirit attachments. Often when a murder occurs, spirit energy remains. Joan has come across many cases where people have reported being personally haunted or harassed by an unwelcome, invisible intruder. They claim that no matter where or how many times they move, their poltergeist continues to harass them. This may be a dark or demonic entity, or not. It all depends on the severity and intent of the situation. Joan has the ability to cleanse places and people of these spirit interferences.

Things can also be haunted, such as a piece of furniture. Many times people will go to an antique store, resale shop, or a sale of deceased possessions. The spirit attaches itself to the piece of furniture. The new owner may notices things occurring in their home that weren't happening before.


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