Psychic Medium Joan St John offers individual and group channeling/mediumship sessions for those interested in communicating with loved ones on the other side as well as those desirous of attaining knowledge from higher universal intelligence such as spirit guides, angels and ascended masters.  Joan utilizes her ability as a psychic medium to communicate with those who have passed, helping individuals and families struggling with the loss of a loved one.

Channeling is the process conducted by a person referred to as a psychic medium, who allows his or her body and mind to be used as an instrument of communication by those on the other side, for the purpose of communicating information and spiritual guidance which is not attainable through normal means. 

To attain this connection, Joan enters an altered state and connects with the specific individual requested. She may see them and describe their physical appearance and relate what they are saying. This is called conscious channeling. 

Other times the departed will speak directly through Joan, this is referred to as trance channeling. Each session is different. Spirits and Angels may also be present during these sessions and available for questions. Healing often occurs during a mediumship session. Clients may achieve feelings of peace, tranquility and closure. 


A séance is a group channeling session where Joan, a spirit medium, communicates with those on the other side. Joan enters into a light trance state and brings through messages from the loved ones of your guests, and other spirits that may wish to communicate messages. Your guests may request who they would like to speak with and ask whatever questions they have. Joan channels loved ones, historical figures, master souls, spirit guides, pets, and other worldly beings.​

Life after death not only exists, but spirits, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena 
are a part of our everyday lives.  


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Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase. Readings are for entertainment & Inspirational Purposes Only.  24 hour notice is required to cancel an appointment. A fee will be assessed for no shows and appointments cancelled without 24 hour notice. 

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