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Q:  I miss my ex-girlfriend very much.  Her name is Marie born 3/13/54, with gray hair and brown eyes.  
I wonder if you see us eventually getting back together.  She is someone I broke up with but still love.  We were together for more than two years, and I feel in my heart she will come back, even though she may be currently seeing someone.  I would like to know if my past love is still in the cards to come back to me?  
Thank you, 

A: I see that you and Marie have had some past life connections. It looks as if there were several challenges that you had to overcome with her in this life. Her role in your life is one of a catalyst to teach you an important lesson that your spirit was ready to learn.  
Sometimes when we connect so strongly with another person, we feel it must be for a life long purpose. However, at times we do form intense bonds with those that are temporary in our lives. That is how I see this link with you and Marie. Her purpose in your life was to get you ready for someone that will be more of an equal to you. To help you become ready for someone that could fulfill your desires. She has some of the qualities you seek, but she does not have the capabilities to give you what you desire in a long-term relationship.

I see that you will use what you have learned from your connection with her to assist you in your future relationships and that her presence in your life is one that affords you both growth and spiritual advancement that you otherwise would not have experienced, if she was not a part of your life. ~
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