"A psychic reading enlightens you to the possibilities. Empowers your decision making 
and helps you envision your future the way you desire it to be!"

There is a place of vision and clarity that lives within all of us, where the rhythm of life moves in harmony with a higher consciousness. My purpose as a psychic medium is to take you there.

Whether at a crossroads, feeling overwhelmed in your daily life, unfulfilled in relationships, have questions about career or money, or wish to connect with a loved one on the other side. I can help you meet your life's personal and professional goals, and find comfort in the answers to questions that trouble your heart.

I assist others through information garnered from a connection to a higher vibrational level.  I have always felt a presence and the knowledge that this was my purpose. 

My service is dedicated to assisting those in search of awareness and empowerment. Whether you choose a phone, in-person consultation, I am available to you.

Blessings and Be well,  

Joan StJohn
1-800-ASK JOAN

1945 Pauline Blvd.  Suite 11  Ann Arbor  MI   48103      734-222-8101            [email protected]
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Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase. Readings are for entertainment & Inspirational Purposes Only.  24 hour notice is required to cancel an appointment. A fee will be assessed for no shows and appointments cancelled without 24 hour notice. 

Due to our present need for social distancing,

I am offering phone and Zoom video readings exclusively, until the end of September.

You will find my phone and Zoom video readings offer the same high quality and accuracy as an in-person reading.  

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Thank you.  Keep Healthy and Safe!